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Warm Gray silk ribbons are hand dyed and handmade - Qty 5 ribbons in a warm elephant gray - Lovely bracelet wraps necklaces or floral trim

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Warm Gray Silk Ribbons are a lovely warm elephant gray! Each ribbon is approximately: 38-41 inches length X 1/2 inch width and is sewn to a point. Most ribbons are 40" long. Gorgeous velvety soft and subtle silk ribbons are great for your lamp work art beads, custom jewelry or craft items!

Silk Ribbons
Color: Warm Gray
Length: 38-41" Long
Width: 1/2" Wide
Quantity: 5

Silk is wonderful soft fabric. These silk strings feel great to the touch! I do all my own dyeing for the ribbons and cords in small batches. Each dye lot is a little different. These silk strings are 100% silk, carefully dyed and sewn!

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