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UPPERCASE BASIC Gothic Alphabet and Numbers 36 Piece Metal Stamp Kit, 1.5mm, 3mm or 4mm, Similar to Arial, Upper Case, Letters and Numbers

  • $ 20.99

Gothic Uppercase metal stamp kit by Metal Complex
Alphabet Punch Set 4mm

This 36 piece set is made of tempered steel and includes a complete uppercase alphabet, numbers 0 to 8 and an & (Ampersand) symbol.

Please note: this set is rated for soft stainless steel thin plate but is not hardened for silverware stamping.

36 Piece stamps includes:
26 Alphabet Stamps
0-8 Numbers
& Ampersand

This set contains the complete alphabet, numbers 0-8 (6 is used for 6 plus 9), plus the ampersand (&). This is a great economy stamping kit with an alphabet and number sets. Letter heights may vary slightly according to the font stye..

Materials: metal, steel, steel stamp, stamp set, alphabet set, steel punch, punch set, metal stamp.

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