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Southwest Red Hand Dyed Silk Ribbons, Southwestern Ribbon Color Black Brown Red Tan Bridal Bouquet Trim Bracelet Wraps Stringing Supplies

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Grand Canyon silk ribbons. These hand dyed silk ribbons contain red, tan, brown black, gray and tiny bit of yellow. Each ribbon is approximately: 38-41 inches length X 1/2 inch width and sewn to a point.
Gorgeous velvety soft silk makes subtle silk ribbons. The ribbons are great for your bracelet wraps, pendants, custom jewelry or craft items! I custom dye this color way and each time I dye it the colors come out a little bit differently. Sewn and hand-dyed with love! Thanks for looking!

This colorway was inspired by the Navajo Trail of Tears and originally named Navajo Trail. I have changed the name because I don't want to be insensitive to Native American people.

Solid ribbons:

Ribbon Assortments:

Watercolor ribbons:

2 - 3 mm Silk Cords hand dyed and hand sewn 40" strings (Thinner)

3 - 4 mm Silk Cords hand dyed and hand sewn (Thicker)

Round and Braided Leather Cording

Metallic Edged Ribbons

Clasps plus Findings

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