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Silver Lake Silk Ribbon Assortment, Hand Dyed Ribbons Qty 6 Crinkle Silk Strings, Warm Gray, Black Pearl Gray, Gray Blue, Dove Gray Charcoal

  • $ 20.99

Silver Lake silk ribbon assortment is an assortment of gray silk ribbons. Sewn along both sides and to a point on the ends, these gray silk ribbons are ready to be used as silk wrap bracelets, necklaces or for other crafts! These silk ribbons are hand dyed in Warm Gray, Black, Pearl Gray, Gray Blue, Dove Gray and Charcoal Gray! Silver Lake silk ribbons are wonderful neutral gray shades. Silver Lake ribbon assortment contains six (6) silk ribbons. Each ribbon is approximately: 38-41 inches length X 1/2 inch wide and is sewn to a point.

You will receive one each of the following six (6) colors (First picture top to bottom):
Warm Gray
Pearl Gray
Gray Blue
Dove Gray Light (Gray Brown)
Charcoal Gray

Each of these ribbons is available separately in their own listings!
Each individual string is approximately 1/2" wide x 38-41" long.

Silk is wonderful soft fabric. These silk strings feel great to the touch! I do all my own dyeing for the ribbons and cords in small batches. Each dye lot is a little different. These 1/2" wide silk strings are 100% silk, sewn to a point and carefully hand dyed in small batches.

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