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SCRIPTINA Metal Stamp Kit Numbers 1.5mm, 3mm or 6mm Script Number Stamp Set 1/16", 1/8" or 1/4" Steel Punches Stamping Tool Stamped Jewelry

  • $ 18.90

SCRIPTINA Numbers Metal Stamp Set

This is a sturdy stamp set of great shaped numbers. The typestyle of these stamps is easy to read! Great for stamping team sports player numbers, special dates, or anytime you need numbers!
This stamp kit stamping tool is designed to be used to create your own metal stamped jewelry design for your custom jewelry designs. These stamps can also be used with leather, clay and other materials!

SCRIPTINA Choose from three sizes!
1.5mm (1/16")
3mm (1/8")
6mm (1/4")

Numbers 0-8
The number 6 is used for both 6 and 9

The sample is the 6mm stamp set. I will try to get pictures of the other two sizes for comparison!

Materials: alphabet set, steel punch, punch set, metal stamp, Numbers metal stamping set.

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