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Rainforest Silk Ribbon Assortment Hand Dyed Green and Blue Ribbons Qty 5 Crinkle Silk, Avocado, Grass, Hushed Teal, Teal, Dark Turquoise

  • $ 18.99

Rainforest are hand dyed and sewn silk ribbons in green and turquoise blue! The second picture has the colors labeled! You are able to purchase all one color or the assortment. Choose your color or the assortment in the drop down box! The assortment contains: Avocado, Grass Green, Hushed Teal, Teal and Dark Turquoise.

Rainforest silk ribbon assortment creates a splendid combination of earthy and bright jewel tones in beautiful green and blue green! Rainforest is a hand picked selection of hand dyed and sewn silk ribbons and assorted gorgeous rich colors. Each ribbon is approximately: 38-41 inches length X 1/2 inch wide and is sewn to a point.

Purchase one to three assortments in the drop down box.
Each assortment contains:
Dark Turquoise
Hushed Teal
Grass Green

Silk is wonderful soft fabric. These silk strings feel great to the touch! I do all my own dyeing for the ribbons and cords in small batches. Each dye lot is a little different. These 1/2" wide silk strings are 100% silk, sewn to a point and carefully hand dyed in small batches.

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