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Purple Fizz Silk Ribbons, Qty 5 Hand Dyed and Sewn Silk Strings Purple with Gold Metallic Stripe, Striped Ribbon

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Purple Fizz listing is for five (5) Silk Ribbons hand dyed and sewn in a rich deep purple silk fabric with gold metallic stripes. This silk fabric is a very light semi-transparent sheer silk fabric. Each individual string is approximately 1/2" wide x 37-40" long.

Color: Purple Fizz
Size 37-40" x 1/2"
Material: Silk with Metallic Stripe
Quantity: 5

Silk is wonderful soft fabric. These silk strings feel great to the touch! I do all my own dyeing for the ribbons and cords in small batches. Each dye lot is a little different. These 1/2" wide silk strings are 100% silk, sewn to a point and carefully dyed.
In my Etsy store,, I offer hand dyed and sewn silk ribbons and cords. You will also find a variety of clasps, leather cords and metal stamping design stamps for sale.

Here is a link to my store:

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