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Pineapple Metal Stamp ImpressArt 6mm, Beach Stamp, Hawaiian Fruit Design Hand Tool for Stamped Jewelry, Steel Stamp

  • $ 8.00

Pineapple Metal Stamp 6mm design stamp by ImpressArt. Pineapple is a symbol of hospitality, warmth and welcome! Create beautiful tropical style jewelry with the hand stamp!

Style: Pineapple
Size: 6 mm
Manufacturer: ImpressArt
Quantity: 1

ImpressArt brand stamps are precision cut from hardened steel for that long lasting and clear design. The design of the stamp is also imprinted on the shank of the stamp so you can quickly identify it. ImpressArt stamps are designed for stamping all sorts of metals from silver, brass, copper, aluminum and other soft metals. You can also use these to stamp other materials. Purchase with confidence! We are authorized to sell ImpressArt products.

Materials: hardened steel metal stamp, ImpressArt metal stamps, Hand stamping tool, Jewelry making tool.

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