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Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Effect Paint Colors with Effects Honeycomb, Special Effect Paint, Craft Paint

Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Effect Paint Colors with Effects Honeycomb, Special Effect Paint, Craft Paint

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This listing is for one bottle of:
Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Effects Paint 1.5 oz.

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Easily create fun and stunning jewelry with Prisme effect paint. You can drop the paint inside a bezel and watch it form honeycomb shapes for a beautiful unique one of a kind design.
Pour resin over it when dry and you have a finished piece of jewelry.

For use on any flat surface including metal, wood, ceramic, glass, etc.
Can be applied with a dropper, a brush, or by pouring directly from the bottle onto the surface
Quantity: 45 ml (1.5 oz.) Dries to the touch in 6 hours and completely in 72 hours
Solvent based, opaque and glossy. Mix well before use for best results
From Pebeo's Website:

Ready-to-use and mixable with each other
Honeycomb, pearlescent, opaque colors
Good lightfastness
Compatible with all other products included in the Pébéo Mixed Media program
Thoroughly stir the paint with a wooden stick prior to application to obtain a homogeneous
and fluid color. Do not shake.
Deposit the color with a dropper or directly from the bottle onto a flat horizontal surface.
The honeycomb effect reveals itself while the paint is drying (5 to 10 minutes).
The Fantasy Prisme paints create astonishing contrasts and unique effects which vary according
to whether they are used alone, mixed with one another or combined with Fantasy Moon, Vitrail
or Ceramic paints.
Fantasy Prisme can be used over colors and mediums from the Studio Acrylics line as well as
with Gedeo Resins and Mirror Effect Metal Leaf.
The length of time required for the colors to be completely dry varies according to the thickness
of the application. A 1/16 inch (2 mm) thick application of Fantasy Prisme is dry to the touch
after 24 hours and completely dry after 72 hours.
Wait a minimum of 7 days before adding a coat of resin over completely dry colors.

Helpful hints
When combined with one another, or with Vitrail, Fantasy Moon or Ceramic paints, the colors render
astonishing abstract results combining effects, texture, and luminous colors.
The thicker the application, the more defined and accentuated the honeycomb effects will be.
A thinner application will create more subtle effects.
The Fantasy Prisme honeycomb effect is lessened when used in combination with Fantasy Moon.
Clean brushes and droppers thoroughly with odorless mineral spirits or white spirit and rinse
with soapy water.
The Pébéo Cerne Relief may be used to create outlines to contain and delineate
the Fantasy Prisme colors.

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