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Natural Dye 2mm Leather Cords, Round Leather Cords Leather Cording, Blue, Green, Brown, Gray or Black Leather Cords, Qty 4 Yards

  • $ 5.49

Natural Dye 2mm round leather cords in the color or your choice. Eleven fun earthy leather cord colors come in 2mm thick leather cords. These leather cords make great leather wrap bracelets! Natural Dye finish is a distressed rustic finish! Some colors come with different tones. Each dye lot of Natural Dye leathers varies. Natural dye gray is a mix of gray and tan/browns.
2nd Picture has colors labeled.

Choose from:

Front Row Left to Right
1. Natural
2. Orange
3. Brown
4. Dark Brown

Middle Row Left to Right
5. Turquoise (Tropical Turquoise Green)
6. Green
7. Gray (Mix of Gray and Tan)
8. Black

Back Row from Left to right
9. Violet
10. Pacific (Dark Navy Blue see third picture)
11. Blue

Quantity 12 Feet (4 yards) This leather cord may come with a random knot.

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