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NANA Metal Stamp, ImpressArt Design, Stick People Stamp, 7mm Grandma Tool for Stick Family Jewelry Pendants Metal and Leather Crafting

  • $ 8.00

Nana 7mm design stamp by ImpressArt.

Nana Stick Figure Metal Design Stamp comes from ImpressArt's Stick Figure stamp series. Look for all the stick family members like Dad, Mom, Son, Daughter, Daddy, Grandpa, Mommy Mama, Auntie Nana, Grandma, Joey, Mikey, Sara, Jenny Abby, Baby, Baby Girl, Dog and Cat. Each adult and child stick figure stamp is personalized so you can choose stamps that resemble your people!

These stick figure stamps make great family, grandmother or mother jewelry with children and family members stamps on individual charms. Lined up in a row these stamps are truly precious!
The design of the stamp is also imprinted on the shank of the stamp so you can quickly identify it. ImpressArt stamps are designed for stamping all sorts of metals from silver, brass, copper, aluminum and other soft metals. You can also use these to stamp other products.

Purchase with confidence! We are authorized to sell ImpressArt products.

Materials: metal stamp, hardened steel metal stamp, ImpressArt metal stamps, Hand stamping tool, Jewelry making tool.

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