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MEDIUM BROWN Silk Cords, 3 Yards x 3-4mm, Saddle Brown Silk Cording Jewelry Stringing, Embroidery Cord, Bridal Supplies, Hand Dyed Hand Sewn

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Medium Brown silk cords are hand dyed hand sewn silk cords in a medium saddle brown. Shiny and silky, these gorgeous brown silk cords are great for jewelry, flower arrangements, or for embroidery cords. If you have purchased the solid Saddle Brown ribbons, these cords are the matching cords for those ribbons. Three yards long and 3-4 mm thick sewn silk cords make wonderful bracelet wraps or necklace cords. Delicate and soft, these silk strings feel wonderful to the touch! I carefully hand dye each batch creating custom color blends! No two dye lots are exactly alike.

Silk Cording
Size: 3-4 mm x 3 Yards Long
Color: Medium Brown
Quantity: One (1)

In my Etsy store I offer my hand dyed and sewn silk ribbons, cords, charms, metal stamps and other supplies. You will also find a variety of clasps, leather cords and metal stamping design stamps for sale.
Here is a link to my store:
Solid ribbons:

Ribbon Assortments:

Watercolor ribbons:

2 - 3 mm Silk Cords hand dyed and hand sewn 40" strings (Thinner)

3 - 4 mm Silk Cords hand dyed and hand sewn (Thicker)

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