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Liver of Sulfur, XL Gel LIVER of SULPHUR, Patina Gel Beadsmith, Liver of Sulfer, 4 oz Oxidize Metal. Age Metal, Blacken Copper Silver Brass

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Used to patina metals such as silver, copper, bronze, metal clay

Liver of Sulphur XL Gel is formulated for versatility & convenience.
Shelf life is many times that of dry liver of sulphur
Used to patina many metals including: silver, copper, brass, bronze, silver metal clay.
Non-flammable and poses no dry inhalation hazard.
May be used in its ready form by brushing it onto objects.
1 teaspoon of gel is enough to make 12 fl. oz. of solution."

Follow directions on label.

When the desired depth of patina is reached immediately take object out of liver of sulphur and put into water. A baking soda mixture neutralizes the reaction. Your project can be sealed to prevent further oxidation.

URGENT: The water must be warm for best results - but do NOT BOIL the solution, burn the LOS or add LOS gel to boiling water, it will emit a harmful gas! Always wear gloves and eye protection when working with chemicals.

Liver of sulfur does not work on: nickel silver, gold-filled or aluminum.

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