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Jeanie Alphabet Uppercase Metal Stamp Kit, 4mm, ImpressArt, Upper Case Stamp Set, Perfect for Metal Stamping Your Own DIY Jewelry

  • $ 60.00

Jeanie Alphabet Upper Case set 4mm ImpressArt Metal Stamping Set now comes with six (6) new design stamps!

ImpressArt's Jeanie Uppercase stamp set has an interesting slightly funky type style. Great for metal stamped jewelry bracelets, ID tags, metal stamping pendant blanks, Pet ID tags and more!

Jeanie Uppercase Stamp Set includes:
Jeanie A to Z Stamps
Square Swirl
Happy Face

I love the way the letters look in words with upper and lower case letters. We also sell the lowercase and numbers stamp sets in the store. If you have question or need help finding a set send us a message and we can help you locate what you are looking for!

ImpressArt Metal stamps are precision cut from hardened steel and will last for a long time and give you that sharp crisp impression. Designed to be used to stamp your own jewelry design for your custom jewelry.

Here is a link to my store:

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