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ImpressArt Stamping Kit, JUNIPER Alphabet Metal Stamps, 3mm Uppercase or Lowercase Stamp Set, Hammer, Small Bench Block, Stamp Tape

  • $ 163.84

Juniper Stamping Kit comes with a Juniper Uppercase or Lowercase stamp set, small bench block, a hammer and stamping tape. You can also choose both the Uppercase Juniper or the Lowercase Juniper sets in the drop down box!

Style: Juniper UpperCase or Lowercase set: (Choose in the drop down box)
Small Bench Block: (2" X 2" Square Bench Block)
1 Pound Brass Hammer (Hammer may be ImpressArt or Beadsmith brand hammer
Stamp Tape

Juniper Uppercase set comes with A to Z plus & and 6 bonus design stamps as shown in photo.

Juniper Lowercase comes with alphabet letters a-z plus a BONUS of punctuation and design stamps. Extra stamps included in this set are: dash, hashtag, check mark, exclamation, comma asterisk and question mark as shown in photo.

ImpressArt Metal stamps are precision cut from hardened steel and will last for a long time and give you that sharp crisp impression. Designed to be used to stamp your own jewelry design for your custom jewelry.

Materials: brass hammer, bench block, steel stamp, alphabet set, Stamping tape, ImpressArt Uppercase or Lowercase Juniper.

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