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ImpressArt LOLLIPOP Stamp Set, Uppercase and Numbers Stamp Kits, 4mm, Upper Case and Numbers Combination Set

  • $ 89.99

ImpressArt 4mm Lollipop Alphabet Uppercase plus Lollipop 4mm Numbers Metal Stamping Set.

Awesome uppercase set that looks great stamping into words and phrases! Its a bit narrower than other stamp sets and is a fun set to stamp phrases with! The bonus stamps are also a wonderful collection of design stamps: Smiley Face, Peace Sign, Heart, Star, Swirl, Flower.

Uppercase Stamp Set contains 33 stamps:
A to Z letter stamps

Plus Bonus Stamps:
Smiley Face
Peace Sign

Lollipop Number Stamp Set has the numbers 0-8.
The number 6 is used for both the 6 and the 9
ImpressArt alphabet metal stamps are manufactured to the highest standard for stamping jewelry and crafts. The side of each metal letter stamp is labeled with the letter for easy identification and orientation. All stamps have an oil-free plated finish to protect against rust. These stamps are made for stamping soft metals like copper, brass, silver, gold and aluminum. Not rated for stainless steel or chrome.
Each set comes in ImpressArt's sleek storage case. The case features labeled slots for each stamp to keep them organized and for easy access.

Purchase with confidence! We are authorized to sell ImpressArt products.

Materials: alphabet set, metal punch, steel, metal stamps.

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