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ImpressArt BRACELET GUIDES, Helps to Align Letters and Design Stamps, 36 Stickers, Metal Stamping Guide Tape

  • $ 5.00

ImpressArt's Stamping Guides help to align letters in straight lines when stamping metal blanks. Stick the guide sticker on your blank and line your stamp up to the guide lines. Bracelet Guides make it easy to space out your stamped letters in a straight line. Each sticker includes 3 indicator lines to help identify the center of the blank. Best used with 1/4", 3/8" & 5/8" bracelet blanks.
Each book includes 36 stickers.

Bracelet Guides Book 36 Stickers
Manufacturer: ImpressArt
Quantity: 1

Materials: plastic stickers stamping guide booklet.

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