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ImpressArt Animals and Nature Metal Stamps, Dog Metal Stamp, Bird Metal Stamp, Nature Metal Stamps, Tree Metal Stamp, Leaf Metal Stamp

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ImpressArt Animals Metal Stamps

Dogs, cats, butterflies and more! Here is a listing full of different sorts of animal design stamps so you can see them together!

Choose from:

Boxer 6 mm
Doberman 6 mm
German Shepherd 6 mm
Lab Retriever 6 mm
Poodle 6 mm

Siberian Husky 6 mm
Yorkshire 6 mm
Puggle 6 mm
Dog Face 6 mm
Dog Bone 6 mm
Paw Print 3 mm

Paw Print 6 mm
Sleeping Cat 6 mm
Sitting Cat 6 mm
Cat Face 6 mm
Galloping Horse 6 mm
Standing Horse 6 mm

Bumble Bee 6 mm
Lady Bug 6 mm
Butterfly 6 mm
Butterfly Swirl #1 6 mm
Butterfly Swirl #2 6 mm
Butterfly Spread 6 mm

Butterfly Wings 6 mm (2 Stamps!)
Wing Left 6 mm
Wing Right 6 mm
Hummingbird 6 mm
Song Bird 6 mm
Fox 6 mm

Dragonfly 6 mm
Scorpion 6 mm
Snail 6 mm
Fox 6 mm

ImpressArt brand stamps are precision cut from hardened steel for a long lasting and clear stamping design. The design of the stamp is also imprinted on the shank of the stamp so you can quickly identify it. ImpressArt stamps are designed for stamping all sorts of metals from silver, brass, copper, aluminum. These design stamps also work great on metal clay, paper, leather, wood and other materials!

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