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HUMMINGBIRD Metal Buttons Antique Silver, 3/4” 20mm Qty 4 to 8, 15mm, Bird Button, Sweater or Jewelry Clasp Button

  • $ 4.99

Hummingbird metal buttons are beautiful Antique Silver buttons. Hummingbird buttons are a wonderful depiction of a flying bird! Hummingbird buttons will add interest to your clothing or jewelry plus these are incredibly solid metal sturdy buttons! These shank back buttons work great for sweaters or blazers and make great bracelet clasps. These antique silver colored buttons will be fun to work into your projects.

Style: Hummingbird
Quantity 4 to 8
Color: Antique Silver
Size: 3/4” (Approximately 20 mm Tall)
Hole: approximately 3 mm (Fits 3 mm Leather Cord tight)

Our new metallic leather cords are shown some of the pictures they are available in their own listing!

Materials: Antique Silver Hummingbird buttons.

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