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HEART BAR, Hand Stamping Blanks, Pewter Two Hole Rectangle Bar with Heart, Antique Silver, 16 Gauge, Qty 2 to 4 Discs DiY Stamping Texturing

  • $ 4.99

Pewter Rectangle Bar with Heart stamping blanks are ready to be stamped to create beautiful pendants in your DIY metal stamping blank jewelry designs!

Shape: Rectangle Bar with Heart
Metal: Pewter
Contour: Flat
Gauge: 16
Size: 1 5/8" x 3/8"
Quantity: 2 to 4 (Pick the Quantity you want in the drop down box)

Nickel and Cadmium Free Made in USA

Make you own custom Jewelry with these beautiful 16 gauge Soft Strike pewter circle blanks!
We offer many different shapes, sizes and metals to choose from. The fourth picture shows some of the other pewter stamping shapes you can purchase in our store! We also offer all the other supplies you will need including Stamps, Hammers, Stamping Blocks.

Materials: pewter soft strike pewter blanks.

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