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ERGO ANGLE Brass Hammer, Jewelry Stamping, Mallet 1lb Stamp ImpressArt Hammer, Stamping Tool, Ball Peen Hammer for Stamped Metal Jewelry

  • $ 28.99

Brass Stamping Hammer 1lb (One Pound) by ImpressArt.

Ergo-Angle™ handle provides ideal positioning for clean, even impressions
One pound head provides optimal weight for deep impressions
Short handle design features multiple holding options for maximum control and comfort
Brass head provides a soft striking surface eliminating double impressions
Brass head is replaceable
Patent Pending

Its scaled down ergonomic handle makes the hammer easy to handle and ensures force and accuracy. The 1 lb. brass head is designed to help prevent double impressions and protects your metal stamps so they'll last longer.

ImpressArt® offers artists professional metal stamping tools and supplies for hand stamping jewelry and metal elements for mixed media and craft.

ImpressArt metal stamps are precision-cut from hardened steel, and are designed to last project after project. The stamps are trested to assure they have a sufficient rockewell hardness and are perfectly aligned.

Purchase with confidence! We are authorized to sell ImpressArt products.

Materials: metal, steel, hardened steel.

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