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CORAL REEF Hand Dyed Silk Ribbons Qty 1 to 10 Bulk Crinkle Ribbon, Watercolor Turquoise Brown Green Blue

  • $ 10.00

Coral Reef hand-dyed silk ribbons are earthy and yet bright colorway! Coral Reef looks like what you see flying over a coral reef in an airplane! Each hand dyed crinkle silk ribbon is approximately: 38-41 inches length X 1/2 inch width and sewn to a point.

Color: Coral Reef
Material: Silk
Size: 1/2" x 38-41"
Quantity 1 to 10

Velvety soft and subtle, this gorgeous silk fabric makes these ribbons especially nice to wear.This texture of this silk is delicate and each ribbon is sewn with care: ready to use. I hand-dye and sew these ribbons using 100% silk. I make custom colors. No two ribbons are exactly alike.

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