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1 1/4" Aluminum Stamping Blanks, Metal Blank, ImpressArt

Circle Blanks, Metal Stamping Blanks, Aluminum Disc Blanks 1 1/4" Thicker 16 Ga Qty 12 DIY Hand Stamping Pendant Blanks Deburred Edges, 16ga

  • $ 6.49

Aluminum Disc Blanks 1 1/4" Stamping Blanks

Shape Discs (Circles)
Size 1 1/4"
Gauge 16
Metal Aluminum
Quantity 12

Make you own custom Jewelry with these beautiful Aluminum Soft Strike blanks. Aluminum is popular for metal stamping blanks because its a lower cost alternative to more expensive metals. Aluminum does not tarnish, is softer and allows you to impress every detail of the most intricate metal stamp with just one tap.