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1" Disc Stamping Blanks, Metal Blanks, Copper

Circle Blanks, 1" Round Disc Blanks, Copper Metal Blanks, 24 ga Qty 6 Stamping Pendant Blanks Deburred Edges, Hand Stamping Supplies

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Classic circle stamping blanks create great pendants for your hand made jewelry designs! Hand stamping these blanks is fun and easy! Copper metal blanks are ready to stamp and come with deburred edges! These can be used for necklace pendants or other jewelry designs! Copper is the top color: other colors available separately in their listigs!

Shape: Circle
Size: 1"
Thickness: 24 Gauge
Metal: Copper
Quantity 6

The picture is a stock photo of copper, aluminum, brass and nickel silver stamping blanks.
Copper is the #1 (top)
Aluminum #2
Brass #3
Nickel Silver #4 (Back)

Make you own custom Jewelry with these beautiful 24 gauge Copper blanks. We offer many different shapes, sizes and metals to choose from. We also offer all the other supplies you will need including Stamps, Hammers, Stamping Blocks.