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Chasing Hammer, Two Sided Hammer ROUNDED END Chasing and Ball Peen Ends Hammer 1" Flattening Forging Texturing Riveting Chasing Hammer

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Chasing 1" Chasing Hammer Rounded Flattening End and Ball Peen End

Chasing 1" Hammer

The smooth rounded face of this hammer will flare out wire when hammered on a hard smooth surface such as a bench block or anvil. The ball pein side can be used to make a 'hammered" texture effect or to flare eyelets or round out metal designs."

This hammer has a large rounded face flat side for flattening and a rounded (ball peen) side for texturing and riveting. The third picture shows the texture you can get from the rounded side of this hammer. For best results place metal on a steel block and hammer repeatedly until desired texture is achieved.