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Center Punch Metal Stamp, Dot or Period Punctuation Stamp, Great Tool for Closing Rivets, Beadsmith or Metal Complex, Steel Stamp

  • $ 2.99

Center Punch Metal Stamp is ideal for closing rivets and eyelets, this stamp also makes indents to help prevent drill bits from slipping while drilling Replaces worn dot/period stamps. Easy to use! This stamp doesn't need as much force when striking with a hammer because of its tiny area being stamped. The Bead Smith and Metal Complex stamps are precision cut from hardened steel for that long lasting and clear design.

Style: Center Punch

Purchase with confidence! We are authorized to sell Bead Smith and Metal Complex products.

Materials: Beadsmith Stamp, Metal Complex stamp, hardened steel metal stamp, ImpressArt metal stamps, Hand stamping tool, Jewelry making tool.