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BUFFALO Nickel Metal Buttons 5/8" DARK Antique Silver 15mm Southwest Button Qty 4 Nickel Reproduction Coin, Clothing Leather Wrap Clasp

  • $ 5.99

Buffalo Head Metal Shank Buttons are reproduction button of Buffalo or also known as Indian Head nickels. These 5/8" round metal buttons are a perfect size to use as clasps on leather and ribbon bracelets! The gunmetal gray is a finish not normally carried by my supplier and was a custom order. I may not be able to purchase this finish again so purchase what you need for your project.

Style: Buffalo
Finish: Dark Antique Silver
Size: 5/8 inch (15 mm)
Hole Diameter: 2.5 mm
Quantity 4
* Please note: These are not actual nickels. 5/8" (15 mm) is smaller than actual nickels. We also carry these Indian Head coin reproduction buttons in a larger size 20mm (3/4") in a lighter antique silver and antique brass. Look at the pictures with the nickel and the quarter for sizing.

Materials: Dark Antique Silver.

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