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Boxing Gloves Metal Stamp, ImpressArt Metal Stamping Supplies

Boxing Gloves Metal Stamp, Design Stamp, ImpressArt 6mm, Great for Stamping Sports Team Jewelry, Steel Stamp

  • $ 8.00

This listing is for Boxing Gloves 6mm design stamp by ImpressArt. The size of the impression is 6mm.

Style: Boxing Glove
Manufacturer: ImpressArt
Size: 6 mm
Quantity: 1

Until recently, almost all letter punches on the market were made to serve the industrial machine shop and tooling industries. With the growing popularity of metal jewelry stamping, ImpressArt created their line of stamps specifically for artists. ImpressArt works closely with jewelry designers and mixed media artists to create the most exciting metal letter and design stamps that will make your projects extraordinary.

ImpressArt metal stamps are precision-cut from hardened steel, and are designed to last project after project. Stamped are tested regularly to assure they have a sufficient rockewell hardness and are perfectly aligned. ImpressArt stamps are designed for stamping all sorts of metals from silver, brass, copper, aluminum and other soft metals. You can also use these to stamp other products. The design of the stamp is also imprinted on the shank of the stamp so you can quickly identify it.

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