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Black Leather Cuff Blank, Leather Wrap Supplies

Black Leather Cuff 1.5" Wide, Genuine Leather Wristband, Cuff Blank, Hand Stamping Supplies

  • $ 4.99

Black Leather Cuff One (1) leather cuff.
1.5" Wide X 9 Inches

Leather cuffs are one of the coolest new jewelry trends now. These beautiful leather cuffs are ready to embellish with your own designs. You can add rivets, or hand stamped blanks to make this your own design!
Genuine leather cuff made of natural leather. The cuff measures 1.5" wide and is 9" long with adjustable size silver base metal brass snap closures.

I measured for sizing with a yard stick from the center of the snaps to the center of the opposite snap. The snaps are spaced 7" apart on the smaller and 8" on the larger.