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Assortment Czech Crystal Rivets 6mm Snap Rhinestone Rivets Qty 9, Assorted Mix of Current Colors Red Blue Green Topaz Amethyst Prism Clear

  • $ 6.49

Czech 6mm Crystal Rivets Assortment are snap cap rivets which make connecting jewelry pieces a breeze! These gorgeous sparkly crystal rivets snap into each other making riveting easy. Fast and pretty these crystal rivets will add sparkle to your work! The rivets fit in a 5/32" diameter hole which can be made with our large hole punch. To close the glass rivets, simply snap the crystal head into the end piece. Place on a rubber block, and hammer the end piece until the connection is tight and secure.
You will receive a mix of current colors which may change a bit over time! I added pictures of some of the colors to give you an idea of what each color looks like. These are some of the colors I use in the assortments.

Czech Crystal Rivets
Color: Assorted Colors
Size: 6 mm
Shank diameter: 2mm (3/32") Fits in 5/32" hole
Shank length: 4mm (1/8")
Quantity: 9 rivets

Pictures in this listing.

Picture #2 Pink
Picture #3 Light Topaz
Picture #4 Prism
Picture #5 Light Green