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Antique Stamp Enamel Markers ImpressArt, Enamel Paint Pens for Darkening Stamped Letters and Designs, Gold, Silver, Brown and Green

  • $ 24.99

ImpressArt's Stamp Enamel Markers are an acrylic ink used to darken stamped impressions so your design will be clearly seen. Convenient applicator marker makes highlighting impressions quicker, easier and cleaner. Stamp enamel marker set includes 4 markers: gold, green, brown and silver.

Run the tip of your marker over the stamped area from left to right
Wait 1-3 minutes
Wipe away excess ink with a soft cloth

Use a Q-tip to make sure that the entire impression is covered with the stamp enamel.
Before wiping excess stamp enamel, blot it until you see the outline of the impression.
The larger the surface area of the impressions the longer the stamp enamel will need to dry. For wide impressions with a lot of surface area (e.g. the paw print) allow thirty seconds.
Use the tip of a toothpick to gently scrape away excess enamel near the edge of impressions.
Stamp enamel is water resistant but will start to wash out if exposed to soap.

From ImpressArt "Designed by artists for artists, ImpressArt metal stamps will make a lasting impression on your jewelry. These professional quality stamps are manufactured to the highest standard for durability and alignment. Designs are precision-cut from carbon tool steel, hardened to last project after project."

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