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Aluminum WASHERS Metal Stamping Blanks, Round Washer Blank, 2Oga, Hand Stamping Blanks, 1 1/4" Qty 6 or Qty 12 Stamping Deburred Edges

  • $ 4.99

Aluminum washer metal stamping blanks in 1 1/4" size You choose how many blanks you would like to purchase. These beautiful blanks are deburred and ready to stamp!

Shape Washer Blanks
Size 1 1/4" (outside dimension)
Metal Aluminum
Thickness 20 Gauge

Make you own custom Jewelry with these beautiful 20 gauge Aluminum blanks. We offer many different shapes, sizes and metals to choose from. We also offer all the other supplies you will need including Stamps, Hammers, Stamping Blocks.

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