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Aluminum Discs 7/8" 20 gauge Qty 12 Stamping Pendant Blanks Deburred Edges Ready to Stamp

  • $ 5.76

Aluminum Disc Blanks 7/8" Stamping Blanks

Size 7/8"
Set of 12 Metal Stamping Blanks.
20 Gauge

Make you own custom Jewelry with these beautiful Aluminum Soft Strike blanks. Aluminum is popular for metal stamping blanks because its a lower cost alternative to more expensive metals. Aluminum does not tarnish, is softer and allows you to impress every detail of the most intricate metal stamp with just one tap.

We offer many different shapes, sizes and metals to choose from.
We also offer all the other supplies you will need including Metal Design Stamps, Hammers, Stamping Blocks, jump rings, metal patinas and other supplies.

Materials: aluminum.

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