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Aluminum Bracelet Blank Strips 5/8" x 6" Qty 2 to 12 ImpressArt Soft Strike Aluminum 14 ga, Rectangle Rounded Ends Blanks for Metal Cuffs

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ImpressArt stamping aluminum blanks 5/8" X 6" are a fun and easy to imprint stamping blank. Great to make bracelet cuffs, the 5/8" size is a great size to put two lines of lettering.

Dimensions 5/8" x 6"
Metal Aluminum (soft strike)
Contour: Flat
Rounded Ends
Gauge 14

Make a great first impression with Aluminum Soft Strike™ Metal Blanks. These stamping bracelet blanks are made to make stamping and bracelet making a breeze!

There may be some surface scratches and finger prints or small marks from handling that can easily be buffed out. The edges are de-burred but may have sharp edges.Please note that blanks need to be finished Also long strips can have a slight twist from end to end due to the cutting process - just place each end in a pair of pliers and untwist.

The copper bangle and textures strips are not included but included to show what can be done with strips.

Purchase with confidence! We are authorized to sell ImpressArt products.

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