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Cube Blanks, Metal Blanks, ImpressArt Pewter Stamping Blanks 3/8" Key Tag Blanks, Hand Stamping Soft Strike Blanks, Square Block Blank

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Pewter stamping Blank, CUBE 3/8" x 3/8" These cube blanks are wonderful for pendants, bracelets or for key tag blanks!

Shape: Cube
Size: 3/8"
Metal: Pewter
Contour: Flat
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Lead, Nickel and Cadmium Free and made in USA! So fun to incorporate these cubes into a project! These cubes are perfect for pendants. You can use pewter with Vintaj metal patinas, embellishing other projects too! You can darken pewter by running it through a dishwasher!

The second picture is a demo picture from ImpressArt's website.

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Materials: Impressart pewter blanks, Pewter blanks, lead free pewter, made in the USA blanks.

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