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Arcadia ImpressArt Uppercase Lowercase and Numbers or Upper and Lower Case Only / Metal Stamps Kit / 3mm Hand Stamping Set

  • $ 165.30

Arcadia 3mm tall ImpressArt Metal Stamp Sets - ImpressArt Arcadia metal stamps are manufactured specifically for stamping soft metals! ImpressArt's Arcadia stamps are classic and yet fresh! This fun type style is designed for easy readability and will ensure your stamped metal jewelry and crafts are read loud and clear, and that your works are nothing short of newsworthy.

PURCHASE THE UPPER LOWER AND NUMBERS complete set or Upper and Lower case only (without numbers) Choose what you want in the drop down menu.

Arcadia complete set includes:
Arcadia Uppercase Kit (26 alphabet stamps plus Ampersand and six design stamps)
Arcadia Lowercase Kit (26 alphabet stamps plus seven punctuation stamps)
Arcadia Numbers Kit 0 to 8 (6 is used for 6 and 9)

Arcadia Uppercase contains the following stamps:
A to Z letter stamps
Diagonal Dots
Feather Leaf

Arcadia Lowercase contains the following stamps:
a to z letter stamps
Question Mark
Exclamation Point
Plus Sign

Arcadia Numbers stamp kit contains:
1 to 8 (6 is used for 9 also)

Each stamp labeled on side for easy identification and orientation
All stamping sets are available separately in the store.

Purchase with confidence! We are authorized to sell ImpressArt products.

Materials: steel hand stamps, Arcadia Uppercase Lowercase and Numbers.

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